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How Will Your Business Plan Help You?
Our business plans can be put to use immediately after they are completed: Take them to the bank or present them to investors to generate
interest in the firm. We will give you guidance on how to do this. As your company grows and changes, we are available to help you update your
business plan, to reflect new forecasts, products, marketing directions, etc.

We can help you along every step of the way to research a new or existing enterprise, test its economic feasibility, prepare the business plan,
and many other aspects. Our business plans are credible, comprehensive, and extremely well-researched. They demonstrate where the
Client's business is now situated, where it plans to go, and the most effective method of reaching its goals.

Our Clients want a business plan primarily for three reasons: First is for
start-ups, to use as a tool to attract loans, investment partners, or
grants; second is to use as
a road map to better operate their company; third is to inform the existing shareholders, management, and even
employees as to how their company is doing.

We work with clients throughout the United States, from New England to Hawaii, from Alaska to Florida. Regardless of where your business is
based, all information and data in your business plan will specifically reflect
your trade area. To learn more, send us an e-mail or call us, or click
Contact Us.

Nothing says "Professionalism" better than a well written business plan prepared by our firm. The reader will know that y
ou have pride in your
company's product, process or service, and want to display that information in the best possible light. We take personal care to ensure that your
plan reflects what your company is all about, and that it answers any questions that its reader may have.
What's In a Business Plan?
Your business plan will include the following:
  • Executive Summary - A brief summary of the main points in the plan
  • Objectives or mission statement
  • Overview - Detailed description of your status, your industry, and your business
  • Products and Services - What you manufacture, create, and sell
  • Market Analysis - Describes your target customers and trade area, including
    demographic statistics
  • Marketing, Sales, Advertising and Pricing strategies
  • Discussion of Competitive Factors - Who are your competition; how does your product
    or service compare
  • Economic conditions - In your trade area; the United States; and globally
  • Management - Work histories and biographical information on you and your key
  • Description of your facilities
  • Insurance and Legal matters
  • Financial Matters - Discussion of your funding needs and related topics
  • Financial Projections - Three years of detailed forecasts on a month by month basis
  • Assumptions used to create the financial projections
  • Exhibits - Includes graphs, charts, tables, photos and other materials
"...after deciding to start up my
firm, I contacted Don Weekley
and asked for assistance - I had
never started my own company
before. Don took great pains to
explain the steps involved in the
process, and to map out
the actions needed....we built a
business plan together....I then
presented the business plan to
my partners, who were impressed
and who felt that the plan was an
excellent representation of
my new company. The company
began operations...and has
been very successful....His
counsel and experience have
truly helped make us a success."
Founder / Partner of a personnel
staffing firm
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What Does a Business Plan Cost?
Our firm charges within a price range, depending on your industry, the purpose of the plan, and your needs. We do not use
templates or canned reports. Each of our plans is tailored to the Client's unique needs. This also means that we do not
prepare a 100-page plan, and charge you accordingly, when your plan needs to have only the size and scope that gets your
message across. You will find that our fees, as little as
$1,900 for a professionally prepared product, are near the lower end
of the quotes we found in our fee survey! Fees charged by other firms are all over the spectrum! The average fee quoted for
eleven firms in a recent survey was over $7,000.
How Long Does It Take?
We know that once you have decided to proceed, you want to take delivery of your new business plan quickly. Under normal circumstances, we can have it in your hands
within 12 business days after our start date and after receipt of the contract and deposit, depending on our work backlog at the time. After you have communicated to us
any changes you want to the draft, we can usually complete and deliver the final original documents within two more business days. (Very complex business plans may
take a few days longer.)

As with all of our services, we are a phone call or an email away from you. To learn more about our services simply phone us (5
04.889.2028) or fill in our form on the
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page and click "Submit."
We have worked with entrepreneurs and firms in dozens of industries, including
the following partial list:
Real Estate Developers
Restaurants & Food Service
Law Firms
Day Care Centers
Health Care - All Types
Security Equipment Resellers
Pharmaceutical firms
Medical Practices
Accounting Practices
Dry Cleaners
Trucking firms
Air Express firms
Oil & Gas Drillers/Operators
Chemical Firms
Sporting Event Packagers
Satellite Remote Sensing
Software Publishers
Advertising & Marketing
Office Furnishing & Supplies
Air Cargo
Pest Control
Pipe Coating
Building Contractor Supplies
Health Monitoring
Industrial Tank Cleaning
Computer Resellers
Coffee Shops
Educational Products
Personnel & Staffing
Apparel Manufacturers
Newspaper Publishing
Skating Centers
Health & Fitness
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