Business Consulting Excellence Since 1984
In addition to Business Plans, we perform a full range of business consulting
  • Turn-key assistance in starting a new business, including franchises;
  • Identifying and solving your business problems;
  • Reviews and critiques of financial and operational performance;
  • Preparation of cash flow, revenue, expense, and balance sheet  projections;
  • Business and competition intelligence and analysis;
  • Market and demographics research;
  • Employee surveys and studies, among other services;
  • Counsel on loan and venture capital relationships and capital structure;
  • Analysis of your existing financial statements;
  • Preparation of our Financial Analysis Report;
  • Review/Critique of your existing Business Plan;
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies
  • SWOT and PEST Analyses

We will work with you to learn every aspect of your business, determine what your needs
are, and report to you the suggested solutions. We are available to provide most of these
services on a one-time or a recurring basis, as your situation dictates.
Problem Solving
As a business owner, you may have a problem, but don't know what the problem is!  You have reached the
conclusion that you are too close to the situation, and need an impartial professional who will look in from the
outside, analyze the situation, determine the needs, and report them to you.

Some examples of problems
you might encounter include:
  • your firm is not making the profit it should;
  • you need help understanding your financial statements;
  • you need help communicating with lenders and investors;
  • you need to identify and solve personnel problems;
  • you want to consider selling additional business products or services;
  • you cannot decide whether to get out of the business altogether.

If you experience these - or any other - business problems, you are in need of an experienced consultant.
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